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Posted by: Randy M. | August 6, 2010

“Let Me Now Run”

Here I sit. Waiting. Today is my first race since January due to recurring injury.

I was so glad this was an evening race because I am an  evening runner. I am not a morning person. However, now I do not know what to do with myself.  I have looked so forward to this race after being out for so long plus the fact that it is my first trail race that I can’t get into anything else.

I have had a new pain over the past three weeks or so that came after some speed work, which by the way I am changing my whole approach to doing from here out but that is another post. The pain is in my lower right leg. It seems to be on the outside of my calf but sometimes runs from my ankle to my hip. It is more sensitivity than pain so I have mostly just ran it out.

It totally went away and even during my first 10 mile (double-digit) run last Saturday it did not hurt at all. I did get some very sore calves from that run, along with a very hilly 5 miles 2 days before. The sensitivity then came back after resting both Sunday and Monday to let my calves recover. I went for a run/walk Tuesday night and the sensitivity came back.

I also got 4 blisters from my 10 mile run, just behind both big toes, on the back of my right ankle, and another on the bottom of my left foot. This was from running too far, too fast in my new Brooks Mach 11. I love the shoes but should have broken them in a little more. I also did not have the laces tight enough and running without socks. I don’t wear socks with my New Balance MT100 but I went through the blisters and got them tightened correctly already. The Brooks fit a little looser in the toe box. This was my own fault.

This all combined with 5 cancelled races due to injury has made me somewhat paranoid this week before my first race in 8 months. My only goal from the beginning was to make it to the starting line without injury and I wouldn’t mind so much to make the finish.

Now here I sit waiting. I wish it had been a morning race so I could have got up and got it over. I don’t want to do too much or eat too much or too little.

Am I excited? Am I nervous? Both and more. I am simply trusting God and moving forward though. I am going to this race and I am going to finish. I don’t usually have such low expectations but I simply want to get there and finish and then begin to work towards building miles and incorporate a strength training plan as well over the fall. I have an 11 mile trail race already planned in a couple of months. I am currently looking for a 25k around that same time and perhaps a 50k near or after the first of the year.

Still, here I sit. Watching the clock like Gary Cooper in “High Noon” as it ticks away slowly counting down the minutes that seem like hours waiting for the shootout to find out who runs, literally, the town. I’ve run this distance many times over the past few weeks and farther, although some of it has been a run/walk combo. I have trained in the heat and humidity, worse than it is today purposely. I have run on rougher, more technical trails at higher elevation. I have said over and over that I simply want to show up and run. I have run with others and posted all my runs so it’s not as if this one is any more public in a sense. Still this is a race and deep inside I don’t want to be the last guy crawling past the finish.

So many questions in my mind. Do I have the right fuel? The right hydration? The right shoes (New Balance MT100’s)? How early do I need to get there?

The bottom line. I will stand at the starting line in a few hours. Goal accomplished. And I will cross the finish line. Icing on the cake.

Where will I go from there? The journey to the Ultra continues.

My prayer today truly is: “Let me now run.” To God be all the Glory.

Grace and Peace,


Posted by: Randy M. | August 2, 2010

ijams Nature Center – Wilderness in the Suburbs

This was Saturday before last. This is a very unique trail I was scouting for a group run. It’s very urban in some ways but it has some beautiful and some rough sections. Also it runs right by the Tennessee River so there are some beautiful views there. Enjoy. There are many possibilities here that all stay relatively close to getting back to the start.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 This Nature Center is a pleasant little wilderness right in the middle of the suburbs. I was never far from the parking lot. There are many areas I did not go and I understand there is much more. It is, as I said, not the Appalachian Trail, but it is a nice semi man-made wilderness escape without driving too far out or having to carry too much. I am going to explore it again when I have more time and see just how far it goes
Posted by: Randy M. | July 27, 2010

Let Me Now Run Live Test Episode!

I tried to go live on Ustream. I ran out of time because of technical issues. I did get on a few minutes and it worked but I am either going to have to get a new wireless router or adjust my setting on camera because the picture and sound do not match up. Here is the recording if you want to watch. I will get it better and figure out how to embed it on this site. For now watch, comment, suggest. Be nice though, I’m a beginner at this. I’m only putting it up so I can see where I came from after I figure it all out.

Grace and Peace


Posted by: Randy M. | July 27, 2010

Going Live!!

“Let Me Now Run”, unless something happens, will become a live video blog tonight. I have no idea what I am doing but have procrastinated long enough.

I will do a test show & live review, I think, of New Balance MT100 from perspective of newbie to minimalist shoes.

Also first race since January coming in less than 2 weeks! It’s also my first trail race (but won’t be my last.) Nervous? Some. I have cancelled 5 races, counting a what would have been my first half marathon last Thanksgiving, because of injury. I will talk about that as well and what my goals are.

I am no expert but am coming at this from that very angle. I don’t know how to link it here but will post exact link to Ustream later as well as try to record and have link to archived show.

Go to Ustream and search “Let Me Now Run.”

Posted by: Randy M. | July 17, 2010

A Short Mountain Run

I decided to go for a short run yesterday to see how my shin, affectionately named “Shirley the Shin,” (thanks @Dirtdawg50k) was doing. I am not sure where sensitivity is coming from actually, calf, ankle, achilles? Wherever, it felt okay and does not seem to get any worse. Anyway, thought I would post a pictorial report of my run. So here it is. (I am still experimenting with pics and video and don’t have the best equipment but I really just want to record the event anyway).

On My Way!

Was Supposed to start here for 3 mile round trip

Instead I started here headed to Grotto Falls which would have been 7 round Trip

I turned at the other 1st picture which was approximately 2.10 or so (round trip came to 4.27) because remember this was a test run. Planning a long run on Saturday (Today).

Lot's of roots

Black bears, I mean Blackberrys, take blurry pictures or I'm doing it wrong

Small stream crossing. I have heard a good rain makes this much larger. There are a few of these.

A Very rocky Trail. New Balance MT100 rock plate in midsole really works, by the way.

One of the smoother, flatter, sections of the trail

Nice downhill. Not as rooted as some of the others.

Large rocks throughout trail.

Well there it is, what turned out, I should say. I am very frustrated with camera on my Blackberry. I have adjusted every way I know and pics still come out blurry it seems. I did not get the worst of trail because I was paying attention to where I was going (for once). It is a good trail and could make for some good training ground. It spreads out and connects with several other trails. It has many possibilities.

Hope you enjoy. Leave comments or suggestions please.

Grace and Peace,


Posted by: Randy M. | July 15, 2010

A Mountain to Climb.

This is a Goal! I did 8 miles this month that touched on part of this section. Hope to get 8 or 9 this week on a different section that may touch this one. A 21 mile February run here is incredible. Something to work towards! Thanks Eric (@EricCharette – Twitter handle) for this video.

Grace and Peace,


Posted by: Randy M. | July 15, 2010

A short Video from The Appalachian Trail

A short clip of The Appalachian Trail from Randy M on Vimeo.

The Quality is not great here but I’m just experimenting and I just want to preserve the moment. This is the end of the Trail Section from Newfound Gap to Clingman’s Dome. This was my first run on the Appalachian Trail. Thank to @Dirtdawg50k over at Dirt Dawg”s Running Diatribe here for a great day and running with me.

Posted by: Randy M. | July 14, 2010

Dreaming Again (but not for long)

I plan to be somewhere on the Appalachian Trail this weekend. Maybe not at this same Trail

I love these log steps (is that what you call them). I think the trail section of trail I am going to run next does not have as much elevation as this section.

Well. I don’t know if I like the log steps or the rock steps better. I Just want to get back up there.

I will see you on the Trail!

Posted by: Randy M. | July 12, 2010

Frustrated! (But not with running)

I have made the commitment to do more with this blog and I am continuing that but now I have been without internet, other than my Dear Blackberry, since Thursday and having problems getting connected.

I have a WordPress application for Blackberry and it is supposed to upload photos and video. It finally uploaded a photo but will not upload video. I actually have a short clip I’ve been trying to post from the Appalachian Trail.

I started a new show on Ustream just and tested the internet speed at my parent’s house to see if I need more, I think I do.

I have been on for over a year but have not done much.

Look for more on this blog. Also look for “Let Me now run” on

I plan to run on the A.T. again this weekend and that will make two mountain runs, at least one more trail run, and around 90 miles on my MT100 New Balance both road and trail.

I have been promising a review from the perspective of a new trail runner and new minimalist shoe wearer. I think I may do another test show when I get my internet connected this week then do the review live. Any thoughts? See you soon!

Grace and Peace,


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